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Remember kids, your vote doesn’t count!


When Election Day rolls around, STAY AT HOME.


Top Ten Reasons to Not Vote

  1. Your vote doesn’t count
  2. Voting is a big scam
  3. Voting is a waste of time
  4. People died for your right to NOT vote
  5. All of the candidates are equally bad
  6. You are not smart enough to make important decisions
  7. If you vote, you have no right to complain about the government
  8. The candidate you really like can’t win
  9. Voting encourages government corruption
  10. Voting legitimizes the government’s illegal activities





Shouldn’t I vote?



But people have told me that I should vote?

Those people are wrong.


What about all the celebrities and rich and powerful people who tell me to vote?

People who are rich and powerful know that the smart way of getting something done is not to do it yourself, but to get others to do it for you.  Henry Ford didn’t make money building cars; he made money by paying other people to build cars for him.  It’s the same with voting.  If someone can fool a million people into voting for something, they accomplish something significant.  But their own personal votes are still insignificant, as is your personal vote.  If you really want to impact an election, don’t be some celebrity’s tool by voting, go out and get your own tools to do the voting for you.


What if everyone stopped voting?

If everyone stopped voting, then it might be worth your time to go and vote.  But don’t worry, that will never happen.


What about people who claim that I have no right to complain about the government or society if I don’t vote?

Those people are either stupid or dishonest.  By voting, you are entering a compact in which you receive the right to “influenceâ€